A Sign From Above

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Fast food in Nepal

Fast food in Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our hurry-up society with its ever changing technology, round-the-clock fast-food options, social media delivery and the need for immediate gratification;  the sharing of information can change the tide of public opinion on any given topic from a political position to what to have on a burger.  Or whether to even offer burgers!

Sometimes the instantaneous velocity  takes its toll on certain aspects of our lives.  Families come together and are blended and then are dismantled at rapid speeds.  People within a family are taking jobs in separate locales and the fabric that once created neighborhood communities is very different and divergent.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 11:  A person holds a new  ...

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 11: A person holds a new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system on October 11, 2010 in New York, New York. The phone, which will be available in the United States on AT&T's network, looks to compete with the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

People sometimes have greater connections with those who are hundreds or even thousands of miles away than the people who sit across from them at a dinner table.  In fact, we have become tolerant of allowing dining companions to have flat out conversations with individuals on an electronic device when there could be a perfectly interesting person sitting across from us to whom we have hardly uttered a few sentences.  And yet we find this acceptable.  In fact it is becoming the way of the world.  Where once we would have found this action quite rude, it is now a behavior that we consider common place.  Even relationships are carried out in this manner.  People feel that it is “O.K” to interpret the feelings of others with abbreviated catch phrases.  It is faster and takes less time and effort.  However, at what cost?  Are we merely viewing pictures of what whole relationships truly may be.  Are the subtle nuances of a smile along with words or an intonation of a voice long forgotten.  Can we truly become interpreters of other people’s emotions by using acronyms?


Dare we talk about issues of the human heart?  Can emotions that deal with love, trust,  devotion and gratitude be handed over to the world of immediacy and technology.  Are friends on social networking sites really friends at all?  When someone is in trouble or needs help, will they really come out and lend a hand?  Or, is this information highway just a place upon which to park our communication vehicles once we have established where we stand, what we are looking for and who we are?  Is this form of communication actually advanced or are we deluding ourselves?  Are we really connecting the dots or is it merely two-dimensional pictures of much larger, more complex beings.


Rolling Hills Lush growth in May.

Rolling Hills Lush growth in May. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Were long walks across rollings hills to get to a friend’s home, written messages that took months to receive by postal service and mandatory attendance at a dinner table where people had to look into each other’s eyes while they spoke to each other by candlelight in order to read the individual’s face, really less effective?  Have we  gained immediacy but lost credibility and the texture of our souls?  Those are difficult questions to answer, let alone measure.  The factors are so different in nature and our culture has become so different and varied.  Women and children are now allowed to speak, even when they have not been spoken to first or given permission.  In fact, the idea that in some countries that this practice still exists, seems like an abomination to others around the world.  Freedom of speech and dissemination of information do not always go hand in hand.  Often the acquisition of the first is hard fought and sometimes comes with consequences, both personal and global.  The latter may be hidden.


What we can hope for, is that  even as prosperity and advancements continue for mankind, historically the pendulum swings back and forth.  With assurances from those who have gone before us and the desire for generations coming up behind us to have more in their lives, we must believe that a balance will happen in order for our species to continue successfully on its journey.


We must be prepared to embrace the best of the past as well as the best of the present; all the while keeping a vigilant eye on the future.  It is a rocky road at times to be sure, however, it has also brought a wealth of promise for our ability to persevere.  We are, if nothing else a supremely creative and determined species.  Hopefully, we will be able to self-adjust to meet the needs of the planet in addition to ourselves.  If we listen very carefully to our hearts and our minds, we will not have to rely on a sign from above to make the necessary  corrections.





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