Even a Whimper Can Shout!

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Many people question why they should spend extra money they don’t necessarily have on a smart and innovative design for their business cards.  After all, they have had a very useable business card for years with their pertinent information on it and it has served them well.  Well, that’s a very interesting point.  However, the world of marketing is changing and we all are going to more networking events, more seminars and clicking on more websites.  If what you see on someone’s business card is not memorable, why should they remember you?  Furthermore, if it doesn’t look at all like your website, storefront or any other collateral marketing  material they may see; how are they going to identify you again if and when they do  see you.  They aren’t!  Without a brand that says who you are or at least has a consistent look, you might as well be a yellow flower in a room full of yellow flowers.

Like millions of others on the world wide web and in business today, if your business card does not have an image that is the same as your website or any other material you may hand out, you will simply fade away into oblivion.  In order to stand out, you must shout out!  Here I am!  I am quality paper, I am a solid design, I mean business.

All to often, people put all their money into developing  a dazzling website and have a lack luster business card.  Isn’t your business card actually the the thing that directs most people to your site?  It is your greatest directional marker that is delivered by you personally and yet it is given very little importance.

This doesn’t mean that all cards need to be flashy or complex or even have color.  Some Black & White cards are more profound and have greater  impact than ones that are overly colorful or complicated.   And putting the “kitchen sink” and everything you  do on your card is simply a waste.  In this situation “less is definitely more”.  Regardless of what suits your business style, good design and readability must take the forefront. Peak interest. When people meet you, you want them to remember your business and you!

They take away your business card.  Make sure that it carries with it not only a lasting impression but one that calls them to take action.


Even a Whimper Can Shout volumes of information!

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