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by sherylross on March 15, 2011 · 1 comment

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Simply put, if we don’t begin to value education in this State rather than tie the hands of our GOOD teachers (yes, we do still have some) and only teach to the FCAT, then we are ready for an increase in illiteracy, drop-outs and ultimately more crime.

I find it interesting that people get up in arms when sports are threatened but have had no problem with the removal of music, art and after school programs that have already happened.  Furthermore, it sends a mixed message to our politicians and our teachers.  What do we value?  How will we reward you for filling in the gaps that we have left unfilled?  Who do we think spends more time with our youth?

If you come from Corporate America to share your skills in the classroom, you’re considered an outcast by the educators and the “newbies” wonder what has happened to the system  to make the old guard so cynical.  It’s called budget cuts, lack of involvement and apathy!

Make no mistake that there is a direct link to young adults who can not speak proper English, have no critical thinking skills, can’t count back change or read an analog clock and the increase in crime, horrible customer service and the general disrespect we have for each other on the planet.  Teens in the schools most affected believe that their only road to success is either through entitlement, sports or drugs . . . we don’t teach them anything else!  That perception must be changed.

When you ask good teachers the #1 problem in our school system today, they all answer uninvolved parents and funding cuts. Not surprising but extremely disturbing.  When will we begin to see that the future lies in our youth and that it is our responsibility to invest in them.  Invest money, invest time and invest understanding.

I, for one, have no problem paying more taxes if it goes to solid education.  Private schools is not the only answer.  Some kids don’t belong to that sector nor do they have two parents.  Desire and motivation should never be confused with ability to pay. I’m not sure how we empower people to value their children regardless of their socio-economic strata.  That unfortunately may be a question for the next generation!


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  • Damien Robinson

    Well said, SR. I hope this article gets in the hands of a decision maker at Duval County. I believe this county has a chance to set itself on the right course, if not too late…

    I, too believe that education is a major fundamental building block to so much more than just passing a state required test and even graduating for that matter. I was a graduate of Duval County Public Schools, but continuing eduation has been my forte since I walked across the stage with my diploma.

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